McLaren P1 Production To End

McLaren announced that the 375th McLaren has been finished and will be the last P1 in production. It takes 800 hours to make and takes 105 people to make each P1.


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Bentley Hypercar on the Works

During the Geneva Autoshow Bentley announced the EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept. Currently, the company has an SUV on the way. The hypercar will be competing against the P1, LaFerrari, Agera, and other hypercars in the market.

I think it’s a bold move by Bentley. They have been making heavy cars and with this SUV on the way, most of their cars carry heavy weight. The Continental coupe is also another heavy car on their fleet. The car looks like a more updated Bentley Continental with LED lights. I’m wondering if they will make this hypercar compete against the already powerful Veyron which is being replaced next year. Both are in the same Volkwagen family along with Audi and Lamborghini.


Mercedes Brewing a V12 Hybrid Supercar

Porsche, Ferrari, and many other manufacturers have a fast hybrid supercar. Mercedes is reportedly making a new hybrid supercar with a V12 currently being developed by boffin at Stuttgart and Affalterbach.


Here are the supercars that Mercedes will be competing with:

  • Porsche 918 
  • La Ferrari 
  • McLaren P1 
  • BMW i8


Ferrari 488 GTB: A turbocharged Revolution

Oh boy, I have been working with the Press and a few manufacturers for a while. I have seen this exact Ferrari model (word is that there’s only 3 in the country right at this moment) and I was NOT allowed to take a picture of this at all. Well since this video and these pictures are out, I might as well share what I heard and seen that day I was at the Ferrari North America office.

Source: Ferrari 488 GTB: A turbocharged Revolution