Las Vegas Road Trip PT. 1

It was a long year for my friend and I, since my wife got sick  we decided to go to Las Vegas for a week to take our minds off the stress in the East Coast.

The first day, which was the 26th of December, we went to La Guardia Airport. My friend took Delta and I had Spirit Airlines. My flight was supposed to leave at 8:30 am but it was delayed and I had a connecting flight which was leaving at 11:30 in Detroit that morning which meant I was going to MISS that flight.

The customer service person said they can give me a refund and go somewhere else. Which meant I was going to spend more money for this flight. The lady who was training another girl (who was helping me) rolled her eyes on me because she said I should take my business somewhere else. Eventually after talking to the new person, they took care of my issue and gave me two vouchers for $14 (well talk about this more in a second.)

The flight that they booked was at 3:30 pm which meant I had to wait for a while. I walked my friend to his terminal since he is leaving first, after going back to my terminal, the gate I am boarding had tons of people because a Spirit Airline caught on fire. Okay, this made me feel safe about my flight.

Everyone finally boarded, my flight got delayed to 5:30 pm. Once I got on the plane, these damn vouchers didn’t even work. The seats were TIGHT and for some reason, when you get your ticket, you get a random seat. That’s right a RANDOM seat, even after I chose my seats online.

I didn’t get to Vegas until 10:00 pm that night (Pacific Time) and it was a rocky trip.

My friend and I eventually met up and went to our hotel. I had reserved an all inclusive stay at the Westin Lake in Henderson, Nevada. That too was a lie, I paid for an all inclusive which I thought included some food and other stuff. All it included was a damn paddle boat. The food vouchers were separate and I felt betrayed by my purchase online. This was a rough first night but there was an adventure ahead of us.