One Heck of a Test Drive

A woman was test driving a car in Arlington, VA and instead of pressing the brakes, she mistakenly went full speed on the gas pedal. No one was seriously injured and the sales consultant was okay.

As you can see, she also hit other parked cars. The vehicle she was testing was valued around $60,000. Do you think she has to pay for the damages and this vehicle? You can decide for yourself.

(Photo: ACFDPIO / Twitter)



(Photo: ACFDPIO / Twitter)

(Photo: ACFDPIO / Twitter)


Drunk Kid Steals Ambulance

Over the weekend a SUNY student Colin Dahlberg stole an ambulance and said, “God Bless America” over the radio. Apparently, Dahlberg and another student stole the ambulance after discovering that there were keys inside. He was twice the legal limit and no other information about the young man’s charges.

I’m just wondering what his major is and what his transcript will look like after this incident.

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