Aventador RWD Too Much For Owners

Lamborghini Aventador


Lamborghini is coming out with a RWD Huracan. People have been wondering if they are coming out with a RWD Aventador. Lamborghini thinks it is too much power for it’s owner story.

Just imagine the Hellcat now which a lot of owners can’t even handle and put that in a very light Lamborghini putting all the power into it’s rear wheels. The car would be flying into the wall and cause a lot of accidents out there.

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Volkswagen Ready To Sell Luxury Brands

Volkswagen is ready to sell some of their luxury brands (Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, and Ducati). They took a loan of 20 billion euros to pay off lawsuits and fines but in order to receive the loan the banks need assurance from the company. They mentioned that they are ready to put these brands up for sale.

They also are preparing to sell MAN which they supply ship motors and generators. Volkswagen will be in debt the next few years and who knows where the company will be in the next few years.


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2016 Audi R8

Sorry about the long hiatus, I captured this Audi R8 about 4 weeks ago. I have more pictures that will be loaded up on my flickr. As far as I know this one is a V10 with a Lambo motor, the interior is very cool with digital guages. It sounds awesome too and I can’t wait until I upload it on my youtube soon. I apologize again for holding this baby back from you guys but hopefully I’ll get the time to upload this bad boy soon.