La Ferrari Convertible

A LaFerrari Spider Could Be The Next Great Ultra-Expensive Convertible

Sources say that a new LaFerrari convertible will be released sometime this year. According to Road and Track Magazine, one of their journalists released this picture.

A LaFerrari Spider Could Be The Next Great Ultra-Expensive Convertible

I bet this new La Ferrari will be more than $1.2 Million (current price).



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World’s fastest cars (Top 10)

Here are the world’s fastest cars along with their top speed.

  1. Hennessy Venom GT – 1,244 hp (270 mph) 
  2. Bugatti Veyron – 1,000 hp (268 mph) 
  3. SSC Aero – 1,287 hp (256 mph) 
  4. Koenigsegg CCR (242 mph)
  5. McLaren F1 – (241 mph) 
  6. Aston Martin One 77 – (220 mph)
  7. Jaguar XJ220 – (217 mph) 
  8. McLaren P1 – (217 mph) 
  9. Ferrari La Ferrari 
  10. Ferrari Enzo – 


Mercedes Brewing a V12 Hybrid Supercar

Porsche, Ferrari, and many other manufacturers have a fast hybrid supercar. Mercedes is reportedly making a new hybrid supercar with a V12 currently being developed by boffin at Stuttgart and Affalterbach.


Here are the supercars that Mercedes will be competing with:

  • Porsche 918 
  • La Ferrari 
  • McLaren P1 
  • BMW i8


*Update* Reckless driving with a La Ferrari & Porsche 911 in Beverly Hills

So a few days ago, I posted a blog about the two supercars driving around reckless in a Beverly Hills neighborhood. The two almost hit a few by standers and a car, the poor Ferrari got a beating and looked like the motor was smoking. (see clip below)

The names were not released because they claim “Diplomatic Immunity” and said that they could’ve killed someone and would’ve got away with it. Local police handed the issue to the state department and is now investigating what had happened. So far no charges have been made.


The police have confirmed that the two men did not have diplomatic immunity and have left the country. The two are tied to the Royal Qatar family and the state is investigating the incident.