Found a Treasure on Craigslist

I have owned 3 Honda Accords, a Toyota 4Runner, and a Saab 93 through the years. The first manual car I have ever owned was the Saab and it was one of the most fun cars I had ever owned. Though the parts were very hard to find since Saab do not sell cars anymore. When I first got into the Automotive Press business, the first car that was ever handed to me was a Subaru WRX, every shift of this car gave me chills and I will never forget the first press car. Japanese cars are known to be reliable and have a good longevity (if taken care of).

Subaru and Saab worked together back in 2006 to compete against Volvo. They created the 92x, which is manufactured in Japan with Saab’s front and rear body design.If you want that Japanese reliability along with that European feeling, this is the car. This car is a collectors car and I have seen these hold some decent value (depending on the condition of course). If I was looking for a car on a budget that has that luxury feeling and of course reliable, I’d get this car.

I was checking out Craigslist and was curious to see if there was one out there. A few days ago, I found this ad which has 105k which has decent miles, body seemed good though but you just need a latch (which you can get at Subaru). I decided to email the guy to see the condition and how much beating it’s taken. The car was a lease return and the current owner bought it used and everything seems to be in good condition. The only thing is that it’s automatic and if it was a manual, I would just sell my 5 speed Accord right away. All I can say is that this car is a tease for me, it’s what I want and need at this moment, with winter coming you will definitely need that all-wheel drive during the brutal winter storms here in the northeast.

Anyway, don’t worry I didn’t buy the car. I was just curious if I can find out there in decent condition, so far this is the best Saabaru that I’ve seen online. If you’re trying to get more information about the car here’s the original¬†Craigslist Ad online.


Germanfest Weekend 9/27/15

Here are some photos from the Germanfest Weekend over in Hohokus, NJ

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