It’s Been A While Since I Blogged

I took a long time off because I had been busy with work and also taking care of the wife because she was recently diagnosed with Cronh’s disease. I blogged about this earlier when she was in the hospital for a few months.

It’s been a rough road but I had taken a time off since she got off the hospital and took a road trip with one of my best friends to Nevada during New Years. We went to Las Vegas, saw the Hoover Dam, crossed two time zones, the Grand Canyon in Arizona (both Main and the West Side of the Canyon), the desert, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica.

I can’t wait to show the pictures in an upcoming blog of our adventure. Stay tuned and thank you for reading and following my blog.


Speedspectator Update

Hello there followers, thank you all for checking out my page. I haven’t updated this page for about two weeks due to my wife being in the hospital. She was diagnosed with Cronh’s disease and has been in the hospital for nearly a month.

The first 3 weeks were rough because 3 hospitals admitted her for about a week in each hospital and did not diagnose her but instead gave her all this medicine that she didn’t even need. She immediately changed her primary physician to my mothers primary since my mother’s primary is one of the top doctors in Hackensack University Medical Center.

After moving the primary, the doctor immediately went to work and she ended up being admitted again because she was feeling weak and fearing that her blood count is low again due to anemia.

She’s now back home and starting a new chapter in our lives dealing with the disease and how to adjust into it.