Volkswagen Gesture Control


e-Golf Touch

Volkwagen released information at CES 2016 that they will be releasing their gesture control technology with their e-golf vehicles. The car will have wireless charging, voice control, media control and more.

I have seen the technology myself when I was working with Volkswagen a few years ago with their prototype Golf before the current Golf came out. The technology is very responsive and easy to use. I look forward in seeing more of the technology when it comes out.


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Google Maps Update

When you’re driving with the navigation on your smart phone, you usually have to get out of the current navigation and search for the nearest gas station which is usually out of the way. I travel every day for work whether it’s train, plane, and cars. When I do travel by car, I used Google maps and usually have to get out of the app just to find gas.

I am looking forward to this update because I NEED it for daily use. The update is coming out within the next few weeks and I can’t wait!

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LG G4: My Worst Nightmare

My first smart phone was the first iPhone and that P.O.S. always crashed on me and I got myself the first Android Phone which was the G1. The G1 was awesome, it had navigation after the update and everything I needed and I believe this was around 2008-2009. I had the G1 until 2010 when it literally crashed because I left it on top of my car’s roof and it actually still worked because it was only a cracked screen.

I finally got rid of it because the cracked screen was cutting my fingers and I was so loyal to Android that I got another HTC Phone which was a slide and had that phone for a few years until the front facing camera came out. I have had  a few Samsungs which were The Note 2, 3, and Galaxy 5. All were good for a few months and for some odd reason when the new ones come out my phone would start to CRASH and would be so frustrating.

I spend most of my work day with my phone and cannot live without my phone because my Android has all my contacts, I constantly check e-mails, and produce Tweets to do my marketing. One day my last Galaxy crashed and ERASED 64 freaking gigs of pictures and files. I had pictures there from Puerto Rico that I never backed up into my PC.

I feel very insecure about backing up into a cloud server knowing there are hackers out there and would rather put it on a physical drive. Anyhow, I started to look for another phone and found great reviews for the LG G4 because I’m a loyal Android user. I use mostly everything Android and haven’t owned an Apple mobile product since the first iPhone.

So yes, GREAT camera on the LG G4, but durability? Hell to the no.

It overheated on me so many times and called LG. I spent 3 hours on the phone back and forth T-Mobile as well as LG. After this nightmare-ish day over the summer they finally sent me a new one and started ALL OVER AGAIN. Today, it happened again and this thing crashed and won’t even receive text messages.

I am very upset at the product, my first Android phone lasted me for years and now my new phone can’t even last 3 months and I’m on the second LG G4 which is still over heating and crashing. T Mobile doesn’t want to upgrade me until next year with this non working phone. I’m basically paying for a phone that isn’t working and in order to update I need to pay more than half to upgrade to a phone.

I’m just sick of this and want something that will last me.

I’m really thinking of updating to an iPhone next and just want to experience how it’s like. Any thoughts? I’m really considering my next upgrade to be this unless something out there satisfies my tech needs for work.