Road Trippin PT 3

After the Grand Canyon, we head west from Las Vegas towards California to visit some old friends. I had never driven like this in the west and first stop was the Mojave Desert and saw some rest stops with Native American markings. It was around 35-38 degrees and it was cold in the desert, right after the Mojave we had passed through the Death Valley.

Death Valley, though it was empty and dry, was amazing but you have to be careful in the highway when driving here. It is very windy and dangerous here and it’s tough to look for a rest stop for miles. Do NOT get stranded here because you can’t get picked up and signal is rough here.

After driving for 4 hours, we got to Los Angeles and had lunch with an old friend. I was always told about how “crazy” or “insane” Los Angeles traffic is. In my opinion during my stay here was nothing compared to New York traffic. Traffic in general is annoying but since I’m so used to driving in Manhattan, to me this was nothing. You move here and there with the traffic which wasn’t bad.

We went to Santa Monica next right after lunch in LA, and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. Before my wife got sick, I have not missed a day working out unless I was sick and even when I travel for work I managed to work out. When I saw the beach, I saw so many people working out and fit, that I felt so out of shape (I haven’t worked out in 2 months.)

There are a lot of food places in the area, there is a ring swing (there are 2 in the country, New York is where the other ring swing is). Driving isn’t New York City bad either. I wish I stayed a day or two more but we had plans for the next day.



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