My Uber Experience During New Years

It’s been a week since the ball dropped and turned into 2016. It’s also been a week since my friend and I left Vegas. I had NEVER used Uber before until New Years and figured this program will help us save money during the vacation in Vegas.

I know people were drunk during the New Years or even being safe by taking this service home or wherever they need to go. I asked a few friends to send me coupons and even the free code to try out Uber.

Okay, NONE of this WORKED during the time when I used Uber. My friend used the app and then applied the code. He was charged $70 to travel 12 miles which was from our hotel to the strip.

I find out later on the news and my friend that they had spiked up the prices and people were unaware. I didn’t know that we were going to be charged that much, even with the coupon codes.

So far my Uber experience was horrible. We looked around for the service to go back to the hotel that night and people were charging hundreds or dollars per mile and we just ended up taking the cab. This was my experience and so far I do not know whether I will use this service again.


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