Traffic Everywhere, Why Bother Having a Car????

I lived in the Philippines until I was 9 years old and moved to the U.S.. I rarely visit the country and the next time I visited was when I was 18 years old and stayed for 2 weeks. The traffic there is horrible from what I remember, populations grow over time and living in an island where population just keeps growing and growing is just a nightmare in my point of view.

I love the auto industry, I have a lot of love for cars, and as you know my story went from working PR in the press to becoming a test driver. As much as I love cars, WHY would people just keep buying cars where there’s no SPACE for cars. Traffic in the Philippines is so ridiculous and barely moves. I have living in New York City since I had moved here. Friends from out of town are impressed of how I deal with traffic here and saying if I can drive here, I can drive anywhere. No, I don’t think so. Philippines is far worse and people drive opposite sides of the street and not even following rules at times.

My blurb is that I can’t stand traffic and populations with a sh*t load of cars with no where to go should STOP selling cars and / or should have a limit on how many a person can own. I follow Top Gear Philippines and I sometimes scratch my head because I see pictures (like the one I snagged from them up top) and wonder why are they putting cars up when traffic is like this? You can’t go ANYWHERE. What’s really the point of having a car when you go zero to 60 in 4 days? Just saying, just a little blurb.

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