Consumer Reports Takes Tesla Off Reliability

Consumer Reports took off Tesla from reliability tests because of complaints with charging, noises, and other complaints with the car. It was on top earlier this year from Consumer Reports but since this report came up, Tesla shares went down 10%.

I have recently studied Tesla’s marketing and how they have been dubbed as the “Apple Store” of the auto industry. They have been doing very well and shares have been going up for the company. But a nearly maintenance free vehicle, how can you fix it if it breaks down? Can you go to a trusted mechanic? The answer is, nope, they most likely need to be trained by Tesla, how can you get those electric motors fixed?

It’ll be a while until electric cars can go to a trusted mechanic, in my opinion, it’s more like going to a trusted “electrician”.For now I’ll stick with Hybrids and Gas engine cars. Tesla is also having charging issues from customer complaints and charging stations are still being made around the country.

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