Fall IMPA 2015 Monticello Raceway PT. 1

Hey there guys! I’m sorry I’ve been out last week. I have been out to this yearly event called IMPA (International Motor Press Association) where all the journalists, bloggers, and manufacturers meet to show off and test new cars that are coming out. The drive is beautiful on the way up to Monticello, where you will see these leaves change in the mountains, and the fog every morning.

IMPA Fall 2015

The moment you drive inside the Monticello Race Track, it is like a paradise for those who love cars and racing. The first day was about local driving with the new cars. The second day was track day with the new cars right after the you get a briefing on how to drive on the track.

IMPA Fall 2015

I tried going on the off road the first day with Land Rover and it was an amazing experience. The off road track also had an amazing view of the lake where you can also see the foliage.


IMPA Fall 2015

IMPA Fall 2015

There were some amazing cars there from AMG, Bentley, and to all these Hellcat.

IMPA Fall 2015

IMPA Fall 2015

IMPA Fall 2015

I will be posting more tomorrow about the other cars that I saw during Fall IMPA and my other experiences with other cars.


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