Volkswagen Group Diesel Fix and Issues

Today, I called up an old friend who I worked with when I was a test driver for Volkswagen Group of America. I just had to ask him how this issue is going to be fixed and engineers are talking about a software or an “app” that anyone can fix themselves who has a diesel.

The main issue here is this, people bought this car to save money on fuel and get more miles while having fun with these cars. Diesels in my opinion are dirty, and Volkswagen believes in “clean” diesel by only using low sulfur diesels for their cars. These cars are fun without even knowing about the software issue that these cars have. Once they fix this, the fuel economy is going to suck.

So what do I think about this app?

WHY the heck would you want to fix this yourself? Volkswagen is going to be affected more in Europe since they use diesel more over there than here in America.

This is just my opinion and what I think. They were testing out the new Q7 when I spoke to them and no other disclosures about the Q7 TDI (Which I took a picture of while I was in the facility.) I”ll try to post them up on my instagram soon and I will upload the rest on my Flickr page. Stay “tuned”!!!



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