A Look At The Lexus RCF



.A few weeks ago, I stopped by the legendary Whiskey Cafe Carshow at Lyndhurst, NJ. I have been so used into working with new cars in different car shows, like the Detroit Auto and New York City Autoshow but haven’t been in a classic show for a long time, especially with nearly everything American from Ford to Plymouth to Chevy.

As I was taking pictures, I saw a white Lexus pull up and just revs the motor as the car passes by the lane aisle. I saw DTM plates thinking that the person was just a journalist and trying to do a story with the car. The person driving was actually from Lexus of North America and as soon as I was next to this car, I was impressed. I forgot for a second that I was there to take pictures of some classics.

The Lexus rep told me to get in the car and check it out. I haven’t seen other journalists and bloggers do a review for this car but those revs got me impressed and especially the gauge when you look at the G meter and other track gauges. I wish I just got to drive it around the track or on the road. With IMPA coming up in a few weeks, I hope Lexus brings this to the track in Monticello and see others test this on the track.



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