Hacking and Connected Cars

Most cars these days are connected to a computer or internet. Cars can be hacked into and you’re probably wondering how it can be hacked. Cars in the future can drive by themselves, just as Google is developing a car that can drive into anywhere you want. Recently, a Jeep was “hacked” and now Jeep has a recall with their navigation systems.

Most cars are connected online through mobile phones because of bluetooth technology. Some cars are connected wireless and cars have been stolen without breaking into the car. More research is being developed so that your next car can’t be hacked.

I have tested cars that can be opened with a simple app on the phone, what happens if someone steals my phone? Or somehow clone my information into their mobile device and steal my car? What would happen if a car that can drive itself somehow is taken over by a hacker and sends me crashing? Developers and manufacturers need to find a way that you can take over the car manually or somehow override the systems, this way you can help you can save yourself in dangerous situations.

I don’t personally trust cars to drive me to places yet. Lane assist cars tend to get off the lane at times and sometimes do not see the lanes at night. There are times that this technology does not work when your wipers are on during a rainy day. We shouldn’t trust car technology yet since it’s still new to the market and still has a long way to go in regards to safety.



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