2017 Audi TT-RS

003 2

As you can see Audi has placed the new digital dash on board.

As you can see Audi has placed the new digital dash on board.

2016 TT-RS Rims

2016 TT-RS Rims

New Jersey is the home for a few German Manufacturers, Mercedes which is located in Montvale, BMW North America has a campus in Woodcliff Lakes, NJ, and Volkswagen has a few facilities in New Jersey hidden. As a former test driver for all these manufacturers I was able to spot this new Audi TT. (My phone broke and left my camera at home, my apologies for the quality since it’s from an iPad)

The TT-S is already being tested by the press and has been seen in public. However, this Audi TT is different, the previous TT-RS was very light powered by a 2.5 liter, 5 cylinder engine which has 335 hp. During my time with Volkswagen / Audi, the previous car kept up with the already powerful (and expensive) R8.

This test car was seen with the pretty accurate and quick DSG shifter and is rumored to be 400 hp. The production car will most likely be de-tuned to 380 hp with 406ib ft of torque. With these numbers, the new TT-RS will be one of the quickest road cars that will be sold.

The tester showed me the features and revved the motor for me as I recorded the new car with its pretty loud exhaust system. This car was de-badged in the rear and he mentioned that they were testing the motor. (I will be updating this blog with a video later of the rev sounds of the TT-RS). Audi’s new TT-RS will be a future tuners candy, not only this car is light but if tuned right you can beat an R8 from 0 to 60. The TT-RS is available for sale third quarter next year.



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